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I am a creative misfit...

There's very little I don't enjoying making. My background has always been visual arts and crafting. Having been both a fashion illustrator and a toy maker, hair styling for me has always fit so well as a merging of worlds. 

I am known for painting rainbows on my client's heads and my intuitive cutting style. I love working with the natural flow and movement of hair, creating effortless lived-in style and easy grow outs.

Almost 7 years ago I realized one of my biggest dreams and along with my business partner and opened up an amazing hair salon in East Vancouver. Our general aesthetic style ideas were "what if Wes Anderson was from the Pacific Northwest?" and from that idea Field Trip Hair Co. was born. It's our little style adventure, and home to some amazingly talented humans, and is a constantly evolving space with tons of new opportunities to grow and create. 

I've never been scared to try something different and new, sometimes being able to help others with a big change is the most rewarding part of the job as a stylist.  

My specialities are unicorn colours, razor cuts, shags, updo styling and soft natural perms. I have been professionally styling hair for 20+ years and add another 10+ if you count non professional explorations.

I am a self professed gigantic geek with a nerdy passion for movies, comics, crafting, unicorns, cats, sci-fi and most things awesome. 

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